"If we look at the path, we do not see the sky.  We are earth people on a spiritual journey to the stars.  Our quest, our earth walk, is to look within, to know who we are, to see that we are connected to all things, that the only separation is in the mind".
Maya Starhawk
May all people who dwell upon this land 
live their lives in unity and harmony. 
My name is Maya Starhawk.  By the Mayan Calendar I was born with energy from the Central Sun of the Universe known as the 12 Chicchan.  This is the master energy of Red Crystal Serpent, with the primary activity of honoring the mystery of balance, prophecy and foresight, and bringing peace to relationships.

Through initiations with a Choctaw woman as one of my teachers, I learned the traditional ways of Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, and Sundance Ceremony.  I learned that you must be in touch with Mother Earth and honor all life before you can truly honor self.  When I was initiated into "Chunkasha Taloa Aba" (Bear Medicine) my heart opened up to a new way of seeing of life.  I'm at home with the traditional ways of my ancestors. 

I am a Wisdom Keeper and carry the vision and insight of the Ancient Ones whose only desire is to help us during this time of great change on Earth.  I carry a deep intuitive knowing of the core of every being I meet.

I am a Universal Communicator who can see into the soul of humankind.  I carry timeless shamanic energies of the Mesoamerican people.  My passion is to teach individuals about their deeper self via looking into their soul.

I am a star-seed.  You are a star-seed as well. Together we have come to uplift the consciousness of Mother Earth and to help shift the old paradigms that exist.  It is time for the teachings to come forward to help gather other star-seeds for unity.  

It is my work to activate the coding within your DNA so that you may know your full potential on this planet.  Now is the time for me to share this with you.  My words alone can do this.  If you are willing to look your own fear in the face and to challenge your own doubt, I will guide you through a maze of illusions into clarity.  I will help you to take the steps to honor yourself and honor Mother Earth.  If you allow me, I will be your staff and your mirror.

“Maya Starhawk has proved to be one of the most stirring influences in my life during one of the most provocative chapters I have been through.  She has come across and revealed herself to be a conduit between a world fraught with self doubt and pain and has done brilliantly leading me to a world of self assurance and authenticity!  Bravo Maya you have become the sinew that binds my heart in a good place”.  - Jonathon Lipsin , CA
"My experience with Maya Starhawk has been profound.  Maya is incredibly intuitive.  Through her wisdom work I was empowered to rebirth my sacred self.  I see with new eyes!  Maya is genuine, compassionate and fun.  She is gifted, wise and wonderful.  I am deeply grateful for my life changing experiences with Maya".  Sheila Greene, MN